Lunch Program

How it works
On a regular school day the children and staff walk to and from the Inglewood Community Hall and to/from Colonel Walker Community School. Each parent will be required to sign a walking permission form. Children gather at the meeting spot inside the school and attendance is taken. Children walking unaccompanied must sign out  with program staff, walk in groups together to the program and be marked in upon arrival. Children who walk accompanied by staff gather at the meeting spot inside the school and attendance is taken.
What is included
The following is offered daily:

  • Milk, water, or juice (apple, lemonade, orange, peach nectar)
  • Yogurt (vanilla, peach and strawberry)
  • Fresh vegetables (snap peas, celery, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes)
  • Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, red seedless grapes, mango, and tinned peaches in pear juice)

Food Service
Parents will be responsible for providing their children with a snack for before and after school. We are a nut free program, so parents are asked to ensure that nuts or nut oils are not present in the children’s food. To help ensure that children’s snacks are of adequate nutrition according to the Canada Food Guide, the Out of School Care Program will provide a copy of the Canada Food Guide to each parent. Staff will check daily to ensure that each child has a snack with at least one of the basic food groups. Children that do not have a snack will be offered a fruit or vegetable supplement in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. Before School snack is between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, after school snack is at 3:40 pm. Parents will receive a monthly menu by email.The menu will also be posted on the whiteboard beside the front counter. The menu follows the Canada Food Guide. Lunch is at 12:15 pm. Lunches sent from home should also follow the Canada Food Guide. Children will be encouraged to try new foods but not forced. If a child does not like certain items on the menu, staff recommend that a bagged lunch be sent as an alternative. Gum is not allowed.


February 2024 Menu

1 – Thursday | Beef nachos with salsa & sour cream and cheese breadsticks
2 – Friday | Sloppy joes with pretzel sticks and crazy cheese sauce
3 – Saturday | Closed
4 – Sunday | Closed

5 – Monday | Beef chili and dinner rolls
6 – Tuesday | Penne pasta and garlic toast
7 – Wednesday | Mac & cheese with mango-spinach salad
8 – Thursday | Smoked turkey sandwiches with apple-broccoli slaw
9 – Friday | Vegetable samosas and Caesar salad
10 – Saturday | Closed
11 – Sunday | Closed

12 – Monday | Butter chicken with rice and granola balls
13 – Tuesday | Wow butter & jam sandwiches with crackers and salsa
14 – Wednesday | Creamy chicken noodle soup and cheese breadsticks
15 – Thursday | Fundaze
16 – Friday | Fundaze
17 – Saturday | Closed
18 – Sunday | Closed

19 – Monday | Family Day – Closed
20 – Tuesday | Ham & cheese pinwheels and granola balls
21 – Wednesday | Hamburger casserole and cheese breadsticks
22 – Thursday | Hot dogs with pretzel sticks and crazy cheese sauce
23 – Friday | Perogies and ham with mixed vegetables and dip
24 – Saturday | Closed
25 – Sunday | Closed

26 – Monday | Spaghetti & meat sauce with garden salad
27 – Tuesday | Four-cheese tortellini and trail mix
28 – Wednesday | Tomato and vegetable soup with dinner rolls
29 – Thursday | Mini pizzas (cheese & pepperoni) and Caesar salad